It has been reported today that four London residents have lost their lives in the space of less than 24 hours.

On Friday afternoon, a man died in hospital after a fight in Streatham. The same night, a teenager was stabbed to death in Southall, before a woman was found dead in a car in Hackney on Saturday morning. Later that evening, a 39-year-old man was fatally stabbed in Ealing. 

This series of tragic events is yet another sad reminder that Sadiq Khan has utterly failed in his most basic duty – to keep Londoners safe. He has overseen the transformation of the Met from one of the world’s most effective law enforcement organisations to an impotent joke. Police resources have been woefully mismanaged, with officers deployed to investigate hurt feelings and dance with demonstrators rather than taking knives off the streets. Criminals are emboldened because they do not fear the consequences of their actions and this is a disgrace to those who work hard, pay their taxes and abide by the law. 

If elected as your mayor on 2 May, I will deploy Operation Brennan (a comprehensive strategy to end the scourge of knife crime) within days of taking office. I will also enact sweeping reforms to the Met Police which will ensure that all officers are physically fit, apolitical and equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to make violent criminals think twice before preying on Londoners. 

Little Man Khan has proven himself to be a weak leader. But as your mayor, I pledge to make our streets safe again – I will make London strong!